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Senate candidate weighs in on jobs

April 5, 2004

Albany-- America's trade deficit is now $549 billion, and it's getting harder for U.S. manufacturers to compete with foriegn companies.

U.S. Senate Candidate Mac Collins says to keep America employees working and companies thriving, some changes must be made.

In early March, the Flint River Textile plant in Albany closed its doors, leaving 230 people without jobs. Just a few weeks later, Cady Industries in Pearson laid off more than 200 workers. Both companies couldn't compete with foreign industries.

"So what do we need to do. I'll put it simply, we need to stop depleting our jobs. We're losing so many of them and we need to address that," said Republican Mac Collins, who is running for U.S. Senate.

Collins came to Albany today to talk about his ideas to stop American jobs from going overseas. "There's a real probelm in the area of taxation."

Collins wants to give corporations a 5-percent tax break. "Change the whole system. That's what I like about John Linder and Saxby Chambliss's Fair Tax. I takes all the tax out of products we produce, whether it be agriculture products manufactorign products, or services." 

Collins say U.S. manufacturers face regulations on everything from the type of pesticides they can use on farms, to employee safety rules. He says these regulations need to be reviewed to make sure they're not unfairly hurting businesses' bottom lines. "Is the end results what we're trying to get to, or is it something that we're trying to impose without every evalauting and looking at?" 

Collins says giving businesses tax breaks, removing ineffective and costly regulations, and stopping frivolous lawsuits against corporations through Tort reform are the only ways America will keep more manufacturers from closing their doors and laying off employees.

Collins will face Johnny Isakson, Al Bartell, and Herman Cain in the upcoming July GOP primary. The senate seat is currently held by Zell Miller, who's retiring at the end of this term.

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