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Going to burn? Get a permit

April 5, 2004

Thomasville - Two week old charcoal can start an out of control fire, consuming homes, cars, and anything else in its path.

Firefighter Mark Sealy says, "Right now what we've been having is problems with people burning, throwing out charcoal. If you have a grill try to be sure, if your going to throw it away, put it in an area that's not going to be possibly burned."

Last month was one of the driest Marches in Georgia history, and so far, we've seen no rain in April. Dry conditions, create a perfect environment for fires.

Sealy says, "We've had a lot of fires here lately with people burning trash and just going inside and forgetting about it. If you're going to burn and you have a permit, try to stay with it."

Right now, most people are not being given a permit to burn. Of course, some choose to burn anyway, causing problems for themselves and possibly others.

"If anybody has any problems that they think it's getting away," says Sealy, "the best thing they can do is call 911 and we'll have the fire department respond."

And hopefully it won't be too late. Firefighters say if you do get a permit to burn, you should never leave the fire unattended and keep a water hose nearby.

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