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Moody mourns pilots' deaths

April 5, 2004

Lowndes County - Members of Moody's 39th Flying Training Squadron are grieving for two of their fellow pilots and friends. "A squadron is a pretty tight bunch, and we're going through the different emotions of grief and anger, said Lt. Col. Stephen Winn, 39th FTS Commander.

Captain Judson Brinson and Captain Lee Moore both died instantly Saturday morning when their T-6 Texan 2 crashed during takeoff at the Savannah International Airport. They were returning to Valdosta after a routine training mission. "We don't know what exactly went wrong yet, a safety investigation board is looking at the case right now," said Winn.

Both men were instructor pilots in the 39th Flying Training Squadron. Their commander, Lt. Col. Stephen Winn, says they were two of his best. "I hired them both myself, flew with them, and was very impressed with both," said Winn.

Winn says both pilots had an excellent flying history, as well as the plane they were in. The Air Force began flying T-6 Texan 2's back in 2000, and the aircraft has never had any problems. "The T-6 has an awfully strong safety record and we've never had a fatality in this plane until now," said Winn.

The base is planning a memorial service for the pilots later this week.

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