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Albany singer shows grit at festival

April 2, 2004

Albany- Brandy Rich has a tight grip on her music dream.

It started when she got a hold of the microphone when she was a little girl.

"I was in a talent competition, and they didn't have talent for my age, because I was only three years old, but I really wanted to sing and I told the emcee would she give me her microphone," Rich said.

The emcee did, and Rich hasn't let go since.

At 17 years old, her music has to fit in around her school schedule at Deerfield-Windsor. But she's working with South Georgia musicians and an Atlanta producer to perform when she can, singing words she can take credit for.

"It's really important to me to write all my stuff because I think that it just puts you in a whole 'nother category, on a whole 'nother level, on a different page when you write your own stuff."

With her family and friends always in the crowd, Rich's working towards her dream deal. One where she can perform her music, her way.

"I just want to move people with my music. I just want people to relate to what I'm singing about."

Songs, she hopes, that will enrich peoples lives, in a way that only Rich can.

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