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State legislators still working

April 2, 2004

Albany- Until Wednesday, legislators will be in conference committee meetings trying to come to agreements on some important bills.

Finalizing the budget is coming down to struggles between financing Medicaid and education. The final bill on the Hope Scholarship is also still being debated.

Lawmakers are arguing over details, including whether Hope should continue to pay for books and fees. The governor's disciplinary bill still needs to be passed in the senate. It will help educators get tougher on truancy and unruly students, and that could mean taking drivers' licenses from high school students.

"You can lose your driver's license or potentially not even get your driver's license," said state representative Ed Rynders, (R) Albany. "We've got to be able to do something. You can't put 16-year-olds in a corner anymore and think that that's good enough anymore and that's going to work. So we've got to do something that gets their attention and we think this will do it."

The bill will also make sure discipline policies will apply to all students, kindergarten through 12th grade, instead of fifth grade and up.

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