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Fraud victim fights to regain identity

April 2, 2004

Thomas County - One South Georgia man is fighting to regain his credit and his good name, and he's not fighting alone.

Wayne Jenkins doesn't have a valid driver's license. It's been suspended for a DUI he received four years ago in Alabama. But Wayne Jenkins never got a DUI in Alabama.

He says, "Most I ever had in Alabama was a speeding ticket."

But someone got Jenkins' social security number, and stole his identity, and got a DUI in Wayne's name.

Jenkins found out when he moved. "I better go get my license changed," he said. "Get the right address on there. And that's when they told me, it had a hold on them."

So Jenkins went to the Thomas County Sheriff's Department where they helped prove his identity, but the DMV still won't issue him a license.

Lt. Tim Watkins says, "I think it's wrong, the way the state of Georgia is actually treating Mr. Jenkins. He's a victim of identity fraud, and I think the state of Georgia should step up and do what's right and reinstate his driver's license."

So, we called Mike Murphy at the DMV and explained the situation. 15 minutes later he said, "I can see what I can do. Would you like me to call you and let you know what happens?"

And although we didn't receive that call, Jenkins did. He's getting his license renewed tomorrow.

So things can get back to normal. In addition to not being able to renew his license, Wayne Jenkins has also had trouble with the IRS and credit agencies. You're urged to check your credit history at least once a year to protect yourself against identity fraud.

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