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Teens plead guilty to underage drinking

April 2, 2004

Albany -- Three teenagers plead guilty to underage drinking Friday morning. Part of their sentence is they must name their friends who took part in a huge January party that Police busted.

17 year old Michael Twedt, 18 year old Michael Ryan Hughes, and 19 year old John Joiner were all fined 254 dollars and sentenced to 12 months probation. They were charged after a party on Tarver Road January 27th.

 The property is owned by Daniel Jones, who plead not guilty to nine counts to furnishing alcohol to underaged.

 Dougherty District Attorney Ken Hodges said "We had a land owner who basically opened up his property to have children of any age, as young as 14, come out and consume alcoholic beverages. They had all driven out there and presumably were all going to drive to home after the party, so we take this very seriously."

Jones could face up to one year in prison for each count of providing alcohol to underage persons.

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