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Corrective reading improves test scores

April 2, 2004

Quitman - It's a typical Friday morning at Brooks County Middle School, and sixth graders are buried in their reading books. "Our reading skills are improving and they just keep steadily increasing," said JoAnn Long.

Their reading skills are sharp, but that wasn't always the case. "Back in 2000, 42 percent of our sixth graders were not on grade level and that is really disappointing," said Long.

Those scores are going up now, thanks to the schools corrective reading program. "It teaches us vocabulary skills and how to write and read better," said Hannah Hodum, Sixth Grader. "It's really fun and makes us enjoy reading," said Clarence Thomas, Seventh Grader.

Here's how corrective reading works. Every single student and teacher in the school devotes at least one hour each morning to nothing but reading. "From 9:45 until 10:45 everyday, the teachers are teaching reading, and the kids are reading too," said Long.

And the results are obvious. "This year our reading scores were some of the highest we've ever had," said Long. "Our eighth graders scored in the 82nd percentile."

Not only are reading scores improving, students are doing better in other subjects too. "They read about other subjects like science and history in this program, so they're going to be better in all areas of school," said Al Williams, Principal.

Corrective reading will help them score higher not only on those critical reading tests, but on all exams for the rest of their school years.

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