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An Evening With Rosalynn Carter

April 1, 2004

Albany -- Thousands of disadvantaged elderly Georgians who can't cook for themselves may go days without a meal. Former first lady Rosylann Carter is trying to change that.

She spoke in Albany Thursday night to support the Council on Aging's Meals On Wheels program. Carter talked about her days in the White house the importance of public service and the role the first lady plays even after she leaves the White house.

"The role of women has changed and the role of the first lady has changed as the role of women has changed. It's just a place of influence. You can have an impact on any thing. You can go to a fundraiser for a cause and it will be packed because you are first lady so you can help with any kind of good cause," says Carter.

Many of the people at tonight's event say they've been inspired by Mrs. Carter's work.

"I have always admired her because she was the first lady and Jimmy was what I thought a good president and she has always been a strong woman and like my daughter said a humanitarian," says Betty Mathis.

"She does a lot not just for her community but for other communities as well," says Karen Mathis of Albany.

Carter continues to work on projects to help caregivers and raise awareness about the need for mental health programs.

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