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Making a change later in life

April 1, 2004

Albany-- Starting a new career late in life is daunting. But, an unstable economy has forced some South Georgians to do just that.

From a noisy automotive repair shop to the great outdoors, "There is no comparison. I mean out here you hear the birds, just like we do now."

Marsha McCrary is happy with her career change, "Playing in the yard, I mean playing in the dirt, that is what we call it, playing in the dirt, and we still do."

But, it's a change she didn't have much say about, "Automotive industry since 1980. I was laid off in 2002 and I was a parts manager. It was all I knew."

One thing is for sure, she didn't know much about landscaping. But, she enjoyed it and she needed a job, so she gave it a try, "I hadn't been to school in 25 years. So, that was scary too. I was going through a lot of scary stuff all at once."

At 40-something years old, Marsha enrolled in Albany Tech for horticulture. Now, she has her own landscaping business.

"It's been slow, slow but sure." Finding new business is challenging, but Marsha has already proved she is up for any challenge at any age.

Marsha's business is called "On the Third Day"--appropriately named from the creation story in the bible where on the third day God created the earth and all the plants that grow on it.

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