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Fire Department salutes two heroes

March 31, 2004
Albany -- Two men painting an apartment are hailed as heroes after rescuing five children from a fire Tuesday afternoon.

The fire ripped through this apartment building at the New Jerusalem Village off South Madison, damaging four apartments.

Investigators say five children, between the ages of one and eleven, were in one apartment without an adult. They started the fire playing with matches and then screamed for help. Sam Cochran and Troy Hairston heard their screams and broke in to get the children to safety.

Albany Fire Chief Jimmie Arrowood said " When citizens react in this manner, I think all the praise should go to them. These two gentlemen are very responsible for the saving of the lives of those children."

 No charges have been filed. Chief Arrowood says he'll recommend honors from the city commission for Cochran and Hairston.

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