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Car crash causes water main break

March 31, 2004

Albany -- A broken water pipe, that spewed more than 1,000 gallons of water a minute, closed part of Radium Springs Road for most of the day.

The water pressure from the leak created a huge hole just off the road. No one's water service was interrupted, but several homes in the Redbud and Holly Drive area had low water pressure most of the morning.

 The pipe burst when a car hit a fire hydrant in the 2400 block of Radium Springs Road around 2:15 Wednesday morning. 16-year-old Mark Hawks was driving south on Radium Springs when he fell asleep, ran off the road, hit the fire hydrant and then a tree.

 The impact to the hydrant was so hard, it snapped a six-inch pipe below the ground. That pipe was coming off a 12 inch main line.

 Radium Springs Road re-opened around 2:00 Monday afternoon, after Water, Gas and Light workers fixed the pipe and hydrant, and cleaned up the road.

 Hawks will have to pay for all the damage.

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