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Preventing home burglaries

March 30, 2004

Albany -- Albany police say home burglaries are a continuing problem. But there are ways to protect your home, and to make it unattractive to burglars.

Burglars and thieves are looking for easy targets to rob, so the best way to protect your home is to make it tough to break into.

That starts outside your home, keeping your bushes short and away from windows. Lt Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police said "You want to make your shrubbery is cut low. Stops persons from behind able to hide in between here. Also you notice this house has screens. They need to be locked down. In the event someone is riding by, and a person trying to get in the windows. But if they see them taking the screens off, they might react to that a little bit more."

 Motion detectors, lights, and good locks on the doors also dissuade burglars. Lt. Singleton said "It is a solid door here. They have a dead bolt lock. A double cylinder dead bolt lock. We recommend anytime there is glass within 40 inches of your lock, you utilize a double cylinder dead bolt lock. That means it takes a key from the inside and outside."

A barking dog is always good to make thieves go elsewhere. You can also use timers to turn on appliances, and make it appear someone is home. Lt. Singleton said "Maybe by 9 O-clock a television set may come on and stay on for a couple of hours and then turn off. Then you may have something else hooked up. A radio which will come on a little bit later on."

Police say a good neighborhood watch program is another good way to safeguard your home. Lt. Singleton said "Neighbors are watching each others homes when they are not there. That cuts down on the opportunity for people just being in the neighborhood, being able to case areas out."

Most home burglaries happen during the day when people are at work or at school. But making it look like someone is home is the best way to keep thieves away.

Albany police also have Operation Identification, to mark your name on valuable items in your home. Call their community relations officers, and they will come to your home and suggest ways to safeguard it.

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