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Cabins on wheels

March 31, 2004

Cairo - It all starts with a wood frame. Then, each board is cut and placed , in its perfectly measured position. Each nail driven in completely, for an R-V that reminds you of home.

"It's all scaled around your house. When you come in, you're just as comfortable in here as your home," says Plant Manager Chris Rudd.

Maybe even more comfortable. Co-Owner Mike Fannon says Cairo seemed the obvious choice for building the cabins. He says, "The people are warm, they're honest. Nobody's out to take you for a ride, everybody's supportive. I can't think of a better place to do business or a better environment to do it in."

And with every piece built one word is on their minds: quality. Rudd says, "It's not one way or the other, I mean that's my job. I mean, it makes me feel good that the guys out here care enough about what we're doing, to make it right every time it goes out."

And every cabin has a custom designed signature that stands behind that promise, a stain-glass wolf.

Rudd says, "When he sees that wolf in the back, he knows everything's going to work when he gets it, he doesn't have to worry about it. We take pride knowing that that campground, when they need six more cabins, they won't even be calling anyone else. They'll pick up the phone and just dial one number."

And that number will be theirs. Park models manufacturers plans to build about 300 cabins this year. Eventually, they plan to expand, adding additional jobs in Cairo.

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