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Students learn life-saving lessons

March 31, 2004

Valdosta - Ted Easton has never driven drunk, but Wednesday, he found out what it feels like. "What was left was right and what was right was left, you just can't see anything," said Easton.

Before they head out on their spring break trips next week, VSU students like Ted are getting a warning from local law enforcement. "The kids are going out, starting their parties, and usually during this time we see an increase in drinking and driving accidents," said Vernotis Williams of the Valdosta Police Department.

When students put on the Valdosta Police Department's fatal vision goggles, it makes it seem like they have a blood alcohol level of .10. Most can barely even stand with them on, so just imagine what they'd be like behind the wheel of a vehicle. "A lot of people think because they've just had one of two they can drive but that's not always true," said

A vehicle rollover demonstration showed students what can happen when they don't wear their seatbelts. "What we try to do is get people to see what actually happens in a rollover crash, what's going on inside the vehicle, and why its so important that they wear their seat belt," said Lt. William L. Hires.

So with the lessons learned today, students will return back to campus safely after their week of fun.

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