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Industries bring big bucks to Albany

March 31, 2004

Albany - The recession has caused some companies to shut down and lay off workers, but three Albany companies were honored by the Chamber of Commerce for expanding production and putting more people to work.

"Hi this Janice calling you back." 23 year-old Janice Carnegie answer the phone at Calltech. The company handles technical support for Bell South. And, Carnegie helps customers troubleshoot their computer problems. "I work well with people and like this working environment," said with a big smile.

Carnegie started working at Calltech a year and a half ago to help pay her way through college. "I needed a job to pay tuition and rent."

Many of the Calltech employees are young, the average age just 25 years-old. The company has grown quickly since it opened in the summer of 2002.

"We've grown from 40 to more than 650 people," said General Manager Glenna Williams. That job creation is one reason why the Chamber of Commerce honored Calltech as the 2004 Large Industry of the Year.

The company gives employees work incentives, such as gift bonuses for over-time and even random rounds of applause for good work. Calltech also supports the community. "We donated the most toys to 'Toys-for-tots', we sent a van load of can good to the Camilla tornado disaster, and we also donated goods to the Salvation Army," said Williams.

Calltech is just one of 120 industries in Dougherty County. Together they employ about 6,000 people with a payroll of approximately $700,000,000. And, Carnegie is glad her names is on one of those payroll checks each month.

Masterfoods and Thrush Aircrafts were also named Industries of the Year in the medium and small categories.

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