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Spray on tanning

March 30, 2004

Thomasville - Rachel Kirkland is already working on a perfect tan for her wedding, but she's well aware that going to the tanning bed five days a week can have serious consequences later on.

She says, "You can get skin cancer, especially people that stay in it a lot, their skin kind of gets a little leathery. But I'm just one of those, I'm doing it now, I enjoy it. I'll provably regret it later on in the future."

B. J. Banister is trying to avoid those problems. She now gets her tan from air brushing.

Banister says, "I started growing things on my skin and I thought 'This can't be really good.' and now they're talking a lot about the tanning bed, that it's as bad as the sun, and so I was really glad when they came out with this."

Tara Strickland, owner of The Fitness Zone, says many of her tanning clients are opting for the safer choice. She says, "You don't have any skin damage at all. None. And that's good for people who are wanting to preserve the health of their skin, not see any aging or any wrinkles and so, that's the benefit of it."

But there are downsides to air brush tanning. 1) The air brush tan only lasts about 10 days. 2)It's more expensive. It costs about $25.00 per session, opposed to the $25.00 a month, a tanning bed costs.

But Tara says, many people are willing to pay the extra money for a tan that will look good today, and won't give them skin problems in the future.

One other down side to airbrush tans? You can't shower for about 12 hours after being sprayed.

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