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Dawson Police Chief wants hearing

March 30, 2004

Dawson-- The Police Chief, suspended last week after refusing to resign, wants a hearing in thirty days.

Chief Lee Webb has requested to delay the hearing in order to give him time to prepare a defense.

City officials say Webb was asked to resign because of widespread concern in the community about the police department. But, Webb says he has been asked to do illegal things and refused. He would not elaborate on what those are at this time.

The City Administrator says the request is unusual. Barney Parnacott says, "Normally we have set hearings the following week from the suspension, it is usually done in a matter of a few days to go ahead and expedite the process. This is unusual but of course it is not a request we would deny."

Webb was suspended with pay. But, he will not get a salary while waiting for his hearing. He will stop receiving a pay check April 3rd.

A date has not yet been set for the hearing.

City leaders have not begun the search for a new police chief.

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