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Spanish-language newspaper coming soon

March 29, 2004

Moultrie- Fernando Martinez has been a Colquitt County resident for nine years now. He and the other employees that work at La Fogata spend a lot of time interacting with customers, but he says he still feels out of touch.

"I don't know a lot of English and a I only speak it a little too so, I try."

Martinez says for he and the more than 10,000 Hispanics in Colquitt County not understanding what's happening in the world around them is tough.

"Sometimes we want to read the news, and when the newspaper puts in news about Hispanic people a of people don't know what they said."

"In Colquitt County alone 25% of our residents here that being the Hispanics are not served by a newspaper, and we feel it's our responsibility to them to get them a newspaper," says Dwain Walden, publisher of the Moultrie Observer .

His paper has teamed up with the Tifton Gazette to produce La Estrella Del Sur. The new Spanish-language newspaper will be distributed in Colquitt and Tift Counties, but Walden says it will feature more than just mere translations of local news articles.

"We've learned that the Hispanic community wants to hear from home, particularly sports. The Hispanic community is big on soccer, so we will be providing them with a lot of news from home and sports."

Martinez says finally being able to read about what's happening in Mexico and in Moultrie is like music to his ears.

"It will help a lot because you can read in Spanish and English at the same time, so, yeah it's a really good idea."

An idea he hopes will fill a void he has lived with for nearly a decade.

The new paper will be free and is set to hit stands next Wednesday. It will initially be published biweekly and will be distributed through local businesses in Colquitt and Tift counties.

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