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Art Gallery opens in S. Georgia

March 29, 2004

Thomasville - Everyone likes art. We hang paintings on the walls of our homes and offices. Jeff Douglass of Meridian Gallery in Thomasville says, buy an original piece for that space.

"Instead of buying that print or buying something that might be massed produced and framed in China," says Douglass, "Come in and take a look and see how absolutely beautiful and collectible original, fine art is."

Fine art created by fine artists, most of them from South Georgia. Douglass says, "We felt there was a need in the community for a gallery. There had been galleries in town and we knew that there was an interest and we knew there was a tremendous amount of talent in the area."

A talent that many people have been longing to see, and Douglass hopes those who have never shown an interest in art, will take a look. He says, "Come in and take a look at original pieces. Things that people in your community, in your area are creating. It's quite extraordinary."

And with paintings, sculptures, and jewelry to chose from, there's truly something for everyone. Meridian Gallery is hosting an open house on April 17th.

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