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Dougherty Schools have gang problem

March 29, 2004

Albany-- The Police Department wants to teach students and parents how to fight gangs in their schools. "The parents need to be aware of the gang problem," said School Resource Officer Sgt. Edward Heath.

Gangs operate in all Dougherty County public schools, even elementary schools. That is why Police held a Gang Awareness Workshop.

Fifty students and their parents heard from Officers about gangs and schools. And how the School officers are there everyday to help what they say is a serious problem.

"Believe it or not, we have problems with kids involved in gangs in elementary school," said Heath. "And that's we are trying to do. Enlighten the parents to be aware, just because your kid is in elementary school don't mean they are not involved in a gang."

Parents were told about warning signs of gang members, like bandanas, Dallas Cowboys or Chicago Cubs or Bulls baseball hats.

The School Gang Awareness workshop will continue Tuesday and Wednesday at the District Three Police Headquarters on Broad Avenue.

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