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Spring planting season in full bloom

March 28, 2004

Albany- Topsis Luster is taking her time perfecting this special flower garden.

"It's really to give her something to relax her and something to do and when she comes home from a hard day of work from the children worrying her at school," she says.

It's a birthday present for Gloria Isaac, her best friend since elementary school.

Since Isaac doesn't have a green thumb like she does, Luster gives her advice on how to keep her flowers blooming all season.

"Make sure you water them, but never over water them and least feed them once a week or once every two weeks with some miracle grow."

The two aren't the only ones trying to add a little color to their yards. They were just two of the dozens of shoppers who filled up carts at Lowe's.

"Everybody's out shopping trying to get their yards to look good for Easter," says Nursery Specialist Janie Williams.

Williams says most people do a good job when Spring planting, but she's admits she seen a lot of mistakes.

"Really the biggest thing is like putting the wrong plant in the wrong area. Shady plants need to go in the shade, under trees, on the edge of homes and so forth. Sun plants need the sun."

But if you don't know which is which she says just follow the directions, and if you still don't get it, and don't have a best friend who's an avid gardener, Williams says just ask a specialist.

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