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Conference focuses on Mid East

March 26, 2004

Tifton- The Social Science Department at ABAC began their Middle East Conference Friday. During eight sessions, speakers will try to give students a better understanding of the history of the region and the Islamic religion.

One professor says it's immoral for Bin Laden to use the Koran to justify the 9-11 attack and plans to write a letter requesting a meeting with Osama Bin Laden, if and when, he is captured by US forces.

"I really would like the president of the United States to give me a chance to interview Osama, and just ask him to explain that to me. Forget about everybody else around the world. Explain to me as a Muslim, explain to me how can you kill an innocent life. You killed 3000? How can you justify that," asks Dr. Mouyyed Hassouna.

The conference will resume Saturday with discussions about the prospect of democracy in the Middle East.

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