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City folks learn rodeo skills

March 26, 2004

Lowndes County - Some South Georgians are stepping out of their usual work environments and into the rodeo arena. It's all happening at K-B Horse Camp's "City Folks" Rodeo in Hahira.

Debbie Manganaro doesn't usually spend her mornings on a horse. "I've never done this kind of thing before," said Manganaro.

Instructors at KB Horse camp are transforming her from a therapist to a rodeo star. "She's taught us how to use your legs when you go around the barrels, how to use the reigns to guide the horse," said Manganaro.

Camp Owner Kim McGhee has already taught their kids how to barrel race and goat tie like pros. But now, the tables are turned. "Several of the parents are always saying 'Why'd you hit the barrel or why'd you let the goat get up' and I wanted to reverse the roles," said McGhee.

Most of the people in the rodeo have never even ridden a horse, much less tied a goat. And they're quickly learning, it's not as easy as it looks. "It's really hard, you're trying to control the horse and remember about 50 things at one time," said Dr. Sonya Merriman. "It's a little rough on the rear!" said Manganaro.

But the sore muscles and hard work is worth proving themselves to their children. "They're typical children that think they're parents can't do anything and I'm anxious to show them that parents can do this too," said Nicole Watts, Homemaker.

And with a little more practice, they just might make their kids proud.

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