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South Georgia Kids Learn about Careers

March 26, 2004

Albany-Some South Georgia children spent the day learning about different careers at the Dougherty County School System's annual career day for fifth graders at the Exchange Club Fair Grounds.

Joshalyn Smith says  "I want to be a track star."  "A professional basketball player," That's what Thomas Gridley wants to be when he grows up and Emerson Daniels says "I want to be a professional football player." Some things never change. Many of these kids dream about being professional athletes but when asked to choose a more practical career.  Daniels reply is "Probably a fire fighter." Smith has a similar interest. "I would like to be a fire fighter," says Smith.

So these kids enjoyed learning about what it takes to be a fire fighter. Kiandra Guiliford states "I want to rescue people, save their lives."

Could any of these kids train your dog one day? Gridley claims "I train dogs in my backyard. I just like dogs." Maybe so, after watching a dog trainer at today's event.

 Keeping their minds open to different career options, that's the idea South Georgia educators are trying to get across to fifth graders so maybe they'll have it figured out when it's time to make a choice about the rest of their lives.

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