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Family gets quadruple surprise

March 26, 2004

Albany-- Members of a South Georgia family got a quadruple surprise yesterday. Two women in the family delivered twin boys on the same day.

When it comes new mothers expecting to deliver, the competition between them can be fierce. "We ended up going into labor at the same time, but I did beat her by a few hours," says Gina Roland.

Gina Roland delivered her twin boys at 5:00PM Thursday, beating Juliann Pollack's time of 11:00PM. "When I found out she was going to be induced before me, I was mad. I said 'You can't leave before I do,'" says Pollack.

But both women admit it's only friendly competition.

Pollack is Roland's Aunt. And since the time they discovered they would both be having twins, they've been inseparable. "We keep each other company we brought a DVD player up here, and really and truly, if she hadn't been up here, I would have pulled my hair out," says Pollack.

"I can't imagine how it would be without her I would been more miserable," says Roland.

Now they will watch their healthy baby boys grow up together. "It was worth it, but I don't think I will have any more," says Pollack.

"The pain was bad but it was well worth and I would do it gain but I'm glad I don't have to," said Gina.

Juliann's grandmother became a grand mother and a great grandmother in the same day.

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