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Four arrested for forging bad checks

March 26, 2004

Albany -- Four people are arrested for forging payroll checks, and cashing them at Albany stores. Police say they are part of a larger ring.

 Crooks cashed seven fake DoLee Rental payroll checks like this. Then Thursday night, investigators arrested 23 Vonkeeter Wilcox trying to cash one at the Harvey's Supermarket on Dawson Road. Harvey's had put out a warning about the checks.

 Also arrested, 17 year old Merissa Robinson, 30 year old Darry Love, and 35 year old Robert Ford.

Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police said "The checks were scanned in, the information that was found on the checks was not the legitimate information of the business they were victimizing."

Investigators say they expect to make more arrests in connection with these bad checks.

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