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You CAN come home again

March 25, 2004

Ashburn-- The big sports story in Ashburn these days is the return of Erik Soliday to coach the Turner County High school football team.

Soliday, who won back to back state titles at Americus High, will try to turn around a Turner County program that has just two wins in the last two seasons.

Turner County football fans cheered last month when Erik Soliday agreed to leave Americus High and return to the place where he got his first head coaching job.

Soliday-- "Nobody said it was going to be easy!" and Erik Soliday knows it is going to take a lot of work to turn around the Turner County football program but he believes that turnaround can happen quickly if everything works out right.

Soliday said, "You know I have never have been one to believe in that three years, four years or whatever. If you come out and work hard, I think you will see some success right away."

A new head coach has brought a new attitude to Turner County players who voluntarily show for agility and conditioning drills. Their enthusiasm for their new coach is one reason why Soliday left one of the winningest programs in the state.

Soliday said "That is the fun part of coaching is getting the program built up and giving the kids the opportunity to have some success and that is where the fun of coaching comes from."

Turner County will hold spring practice in early May. Their first game is August 20th against Wilcox County.

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