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Police Chief suspended; won't quit

March 25, 2004

Dawson-- Chief Lee Webb calls the move political, and says he has been told to do illegal things which he would not do. Chief Webb would not elaborate on what illegal things he was referring too, but says it does involve Dawson's Mayor.

Webb was asked to resign by the City Manager, but refused, so he was suspended with pay.

City AttorneyTommy Coleman says the move comes as a result of the Police Department undergoing a highly publicized review. "There's been some fairly widespread concern about the police department for months, perhaps years. The city conducted a study and heard several recommendations of things the police department should be doing."

Webb plans to hire an attorney and will appeal the suspension. He has three days to do so. Any appeal hearing will be in front of the City Manager, not the City Commission.

In Dawson, the City Commission hires people, but only the City Manager can fire a person.

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