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Elderly woman clings to life

March 25, 2004

Thomas County - 31-year old Charles Singletary Jr. seems un phased as he learns he's denied bond. Singletary has been arrested for taking his neighbor, 78-year old Carrie Yarborough inches from death in a savage attack in her home on Sanford Heights in North Thomasville Wednesday night.

Captain John Richards, of the Thomas County Sheriff's Department says, "Mr. Singletary's in jail, where he needs to be. I'll do everything I can to make sure that he doesn't get out. And hopefully the judicial system will take care of him."

Police say Singletary robbed Yarborough in her own home of a check book and a cell phone and brutally beat her with her own walking cane.

Investigators say Ms. Yarborough was able to get to a phone during the beating and dialed a random number, the woman who picked up the phone on the other end, may have saved her life.

Lieutenant. Tim Watkins says, "She was able to determine that Ms. Yarborough needed help. She was called accidentally, but she determined that Ms. Yarborough needed help and was able to get help to her."

Caller ID led police to Yarborough's home. Charles Singletary was quickly arrested, and admitted to beating the elderly woman.

Watkins says, "He admitted to doing it, but no reason was given for why he assaulted her. The injuries to Ms. Yarborough were probably the worst I've seen since I've been in investigations for ten years. We're quite amazed that she's surviving." But she is still in very critical condition.

In addition to armed robbery, and two counts of aggravated battery, Singletary has been charged with kidnapping and possession of a weapon during a crime.

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