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Four transvestites arrested for 'Pumping' murder

March 25, 2004

Albany -- Four Albany transvestites are arrested in the death of an Alabama man. The transvestites are accused of injecting silicone into men's faces, chests, and buttocks to make them look like women. It's a practice called pumping and it killed Andre Geter.

Sheriff's deputies surround this duplex on West Society, where the four admitted drag queens lived. Stephen Thomas is charged with murder. Mark Edwards, known as Jazz, Freddie Clyde, and Kontavius Parks are charged with criminal conspiracy.

Investigators say they lead a pumping ring, where men who want to look like women are injected with silicone. Dougherty D.A. Ken Hodges said " We don't have this evidence now that would indicate that they did these procedures with the intent to kill that individual. We believe the intent was to provide physical augmentation to body parts to make the men look more like women."

 Police say at least five men have been injected. One of them, Andre Geter, died January 10th because the silicone leaked into his lungs and bloodstream.

 Hodges said there are other victims, and they need to come forward. "We want to help them, and we also want them to get the medical attention they need. Because if they don't they could end up like Mister Geter."

Edwards, Clyde, and Parks are charged with recruiting the drag queens for Stephen Thomas to give them injections. All four of the transvestites are being held in the Dougherty County Jail.

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