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Color TV turns 50

March 24, 2004

Albany- Pat Willingham remembers seeing color television for the first time after it was introduced fifty years ago. She claims, "It doesn't seem like it's been that long," but she does remember the first color programming she watched on the tube. "I think it was the Beatles cartoon," says Willingham.

Of course most people do have color television sets today.  Infact there's not even a black and white television set in Fred's TV and Repair shop in Albany.  That's because when television went from black and white to color, everything changed. Willingham says"It was neat because we had all had black and white and we were tickled when we got the black and white. It made things seem more real more in focus. It was just neat. to be able to see what colors they were wearing and how they looked verses everything being in black and white.  David Windhom who owns the TV repair claims" It was a marvel, It was a technological marvel to see that at the time. It was equally as exciting as as cell phones, and computers and the space shuttle is today."

Color TV may not seem like a big deal now but years ago people would visit neighbors just to get a glimpse of something other than their black and white sets at their own homes. Willingham remembers, "A Girlfriend down the road, they were the first one in the neighborhood to get one so instead of all of us coming over to my house we would always want to go to her house to watch it."

People are still amazed at how many changes continue to be introduced in television. Windham says" We bought our first color television back in the sixties sometime. That was our first color television and they've changed a great deal."

 So after fifty years of color on tv, could we actually go back to black and white? "I  just couldn't do it now, not the black and white," claims Willingham 

The cost of a color television set in 1954 is equivalent to six to eight thousand dollars today.

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