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Update on Morgan man who is "losing to live"

March 24, 2004

Morgan-- Last Fall we introduced you to Richard Perrine of Morgan.

He weighed 950 pounds and every day was a struggle for life. He vowed to lose weight--and, so far, he's been successful.

Richard is enjoying his first spring in many years, "I'm doing good.  I just sit on the porch and enjoy the birds singing and thank God for every day that I've got."

Just six months ago, Richard wasn't sure if he would live much longer. At 950 pounds, he was trapped inside his room--it was a struggle to even walk a few steps.

All he wanted to do was sit on his porch. He has reached that goal, "I've been out here now, well, steady for the last 4 to 5 weeks everyday. I have people that ride by blowing, I don't know who they are, but they throw up their hands.  I guess maybe they've seen me."

Richard finds strength in the bible.  But, he also does strength training excersises to work his muscles, as well as leg lifts. He eats less too.  But, bad habits are hard to break, "I just lost a brother last week.  He was 42-years-old and every part of me wanted to go back to food."

But, he caught himself, came out to his porch, and got back on track. Now, he has new goals, "I want to get to where I can ride around a little bit and go to church and fishing.  Those are two places I would like to go-- church, first."

Church, so he can give thanks to God who he says has granted him a new chance at life.

Richard Perrine has lost 200 pounds. He doesn't weigh himself often though. He says he wants to lose the weight slowly so it stays off for good.

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