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Principal's degree from unaccredited school

March 24, 2004

Fitzgerald-- No disciplinary action is planned-- at least for now-- against a South Georgia high school principal who bought an advanced degree on-line.

Fitzgerald High Principal David Mims holds a degree from Saint Regis University based in Liberia. The advanced degree increased his salary about $4,000 a year. Mims argues he didn't know the University wasn't accredited.

"He has shown a number of courses that has taken and a number of contracts with that school, and has shown me to satisfaction that he has taken a significant amount of course work," said Ben Hill County John Key.

The Commission of Educators has ruled that Saint Regis is not accredited. The Professional Standards Commission is investigating Mims and nine other state educators with degrees from the school.

They could face sanctions if the ethics board finds they bought degrees they didn't earn. Principal Mims will not comment.

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