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Whiter, brighter teeth

March 24, 2004

Thomasville - It's all the rage. You can brush, bleach, strip and even floss your way to a brighter, whiter smile.

Dr. Thomas Oppenheim says, "Whitening your teeth makes you feel better. It's like wearing a nice outfit or a wonderful accessory. Everybody wants whiter, brighter teeth now days."

But should you use over the counter products or have your dentist professionally whiten your teeth?

"Over the counter products are less expensive, and they are safe, but they won't bleach your teeth as white as professional products," says Oppenheim.

If you only need to remove surface stains, drug store buys are the best, but if the stains go deeper than the surface, you may need to spend the extra money to see better results.

"Some people will spend quite a bit of money and buy a lot of those whitening strips and by the time they have tried to whiten their teeth over the counter, they could have gone to the dentist and had custom fitted trays fabricated and been able to bleach their teeth anytime they wanted, and gotten the optimal result. Bleaching is the most conservative thing you can do to create a whiter, healthier, more beautiful smile."

A smile that will be bright until the next stains appear. Over the counter bleaching methods run about $30.00. Trays coat about $300.

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