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Social workers more efficient with traveling computers

March 22, 2004

Mitchell County- Tim Green's job as a social service case manager is a big responsibility that often comes with a lot of paperwork.

But this high-tech notebook is giving him more time to be social with his services. All the case managers in Mitchell County are already using portable computers that cost about $2,500 each, and social workers around the state are being trained to use the tablets.

"They're designed to give you a portable office in the field," Green said.

So when Tim heads out the door, he's hitting the road for the day. Watching over and working with foster families is what he's been doing for 17 years, but this all-in-one office gives him more time to focus on the people he serves.

"I save somewhere between 10 percent to 15 percent of time a month, not only on travel, but also in duplication of work."

With the click of a few keys he's got access to the forms and documents he needs, and a faster way to record information about the children he's keeping an eye on.

"What this says to me is the state is putting child welfare and the protection of children on the forefront."

And giving him more quality time to focus on his biggest responsibility, helping the families who need him.

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