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Dickerson is in familiar spot for the second straight week

March 19, 2004 Albany

Albany- Former Florida golfer Bubba Dickerson set an early pace in Friday's second round at the NGA/Hooters Michelob Ultra Classic at Albany's Stonebridge Country Club.

Dickerson fired a six-under par 66 in the morning and has the second round lead for the second week in a row on the Hooters Tour at 13-under par.

However, there are number of players who are in position to win the tournament heading into the weekend.

Blake Adams and David Miller both shot 64's to earn a three way tie with first round leader Javier Sanchez at 12-under par.

Tyler Williamson has fifth place to himselft at 11-under par and Todd Bailey and Steve Larick are three shots off the lead.

Sylvester's Sonny Skinner moves within five shots of the lead after a second round 66 while Albany's Josh Broadaway is tied for the 19th at six-under par for the tournament.

Albany's Chris Dixon makes the cut at four-under par however Stonebridge pro Rob Allen, Moultrie's Jack Croyle and Albany's Dave Hill did not qualify for the weekend.

Saturday's third round starts at 8:00 am with the leaders teeing off just before 10:00am.

                      NGA PROFESSIONAL GOLF TOUR The Michelob Ultra Classic
                                  March 15-21,2004 Stonebridge G&CC Albany, GA 
                                                           2nd round results
1st  Bubba Dickerson         -13
2nd Blake Adams        -12
      Javier Sanchez   -12
      David Miller       -12
5th Tyler Williamson  -11
6th Steven Larick   -10
      Todd BAILEY   -10
8th Chris Patton         -9 
      Joe Meade       -9  
10th Eric Jorgenson   -8
        Jeremy Langley   -8
        Kevin Haefner     -8    
       Sonny Skinner       -8
14th Tee McCabe     -7 
      Ramon Bescansa     -7  
      D.J. Fiese              -7    
     Michael Letzig       -7
     Dave Schreyer        -7   
19th Carl Desjardins   -6
     Greg Boyette         -6
     Keith Rick             -6
     David Roesch       -6
    Will MacKenzie     -6
     Josh Broadaway    -6
    Nick Rousey          -6
26th Brent Winston    -5
     Nick Gilliam         -5 
     Michael Lavery    -5
     Bruce McDonald    -5 
     Todd Vernon        -5
    Tommy Biershenk  -5
    John Kimbell       -5  
    Gilberto Morales   -5  
34th Chris Dixon     -4
  Joel Hendry      -4   
  Kris Mikkelsen   -4
  Whitten Meares   -4
  Brian Quackenbush       -4    
  Joseph Alfieri II     -4 
  Kevin Warrick      -4
 Chris Wollman    -4  
  John Pitt      -4 
  Steve Lebrun   -4 
  Camilo Benedetti   -4
45th Tom McKnight    -3
    Josh Bunch    -3    
   Chris Eckerle   -3  
    Ryan M. Smith    -3
    Kyle Owen   -3
    Ben Duncan   -3
51st Hank Kim   -2
    Kevin Pendley   -2  
    Michael Haack     -2
    Todd Pinneo   -2    
    T.J. Wilson   -2
   Jim Schafer     -2  
  Chad Collins    -2
  Marion Dantzler          -2
  Jay Maxon         -2
   John-Thomas Horton       -2
   Jamie Broce           -2
  Sean Dougherty -2   
  Shawn Hodge    -2  
  Bradley Lanning  -2   

      Failed to Qualify
65th Steve Shuert   -1
Bret Parker  -1
John Stone   -1
John Heffernan  -1
Hank Smith  -1
Mike Austin  -1
Jean-Paul Hebert  -1
Travis Perkins  -1
Elliot Gealy  -1
Wilhelm Schauman  -1
77th Larry Correa    E
  Bryan Clarke   E
  Kyle Bradley   E
  Chad Wilfong  E
 David Griffiths  E
  Tim O'Neal    E
 Clay Kitchen   E
 Josh Teater  E
Kevin Gessino-Kraft  E
 Steven Pleis   E
  Chad Moseley   E
88th Tom Schupp  +1
       Bart Burton   +1
       Tommy Clement  +1
       Ian Hessels   +1
      Jason Klein   +1
      David Hutsell   +1
      Eric Axley   +1
     Rob Allen    +1
      Ray Franz     +1
97th Charlie Cornette    +2
        Jack Croyle    +2  
      Steven Forshey   +2
     Patrick Beste     +2
    Adam Riddering   +2
    Joe Brucas    +2
    Brent Wanner  +2
    Ryan Dennis   +2
    Ryan Zylstra   +2
106th Scott Piercy   +3
    Scott Gardner     +3
   Joshua Fosdick   +3
   Jim Arvanetes   +3
   Simon Tooman   +3
   Gregg Meyer   +3
   Adam Rushin   +3
   Jose' Buezas   +3
  Callie Burger  +3
  Olivier Edmond  +3 
  Brevin Giebeler  +3
  Roger Rowland   +3
118th Mike Calef   +4
 Matthew Anderson   +4
 Andy Mickelson  +4
 Judson Smith   +4
 John Trujillo RUJILLO   +4
123rd Andrew Tschudin    +5
   John Carlson   +5
   Bryan Snyder  +5
   Jimmy Henderson   +5
127th Randy Dietz      +6
     Mark Northey    +6
   Donald Carpenter   +6
  William Lannier  +6
131st Stephen Ubernosky   +7
 Jeff Paul Escott   +7
133rd Norio Irie   +8
   Dave Hill    +8
135th Craig Evan Pawling    +9
    Chris Simmons   +9
137th Micah Holley  +10
138th Jeffrey Brown   +11
139th Pascal Edmond   +12
  Per Oloffson    +12
  C.J. Werley   +12
  J. Tim Arnoult    +12
143rd Kevin Newell    +14
   Justin W. Duke   +14
145th Scott MOORE  +15
146th Thomas Wells  +16
147th Michael Young   +17

Todd Rodemich  WD 
Joseph Whitaker  WD 
Scott Yow   NC NC
Jay Morgan  DQ 


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