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An Ancient Practice Helps South Georgians

March 18, 2004

Albany-Vivian Davis has recently been under a lot of stress. For the past eight months, Davis has been seeing Licensed acupuncturist, Dr. Warren Cargle to help relieve her of a variety of emotional and physical problems.

Dr. Cargle says, "I can just tell you the population that I'm seeing here is an older population and it's not unusual to see them on four or five different medications and that they're still in pain."

As Davis gets comfortable, Dr. Cargle begins the ancient practice. He wipes down all the points he will be using and then carefully inserts pins on both sides of Davis' body. "There are points that we do on each side of the nostril and basically they correspond with the sinuses," explains Dr. Cargle.

Along with stress and lack of sleep, Davis has also recently experienced irritability. Each organ has an emotion associated with it.. Dr. Cargle says "For the kidneys it would be fear, For the liver it would be anger and on the flip side it would be depression."

Davis is left alone to relax, the needles are removed and the procedure is over. "I feel great now. I feel very relaxed," claims Davis. She's reaping the benefits of these regular acupuncture sessions. Davis says. "I've just had more energy at work and just being able to accomplish my daily life."

Dr. Cargle also sees many patients with chronic illnesses and infertility issues. He has seen a sixty percent success rate for patients who see him for infertility purposes.

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