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GED testing suspended in Dougherty Co.

March 18, 2004

Albany -- GED testing at Albany Technical College is suspended because students have been cheating. Test takers were trading ID's and taking the test for each other. Now hundreds of students who come to Dougherty County to take the test are out of luck.

Marvin Hudley dropped out of high school in the 10th grade after his parents couldn't afford to send him to school. Now at age 34, Marvin is back in class taking GED prep courses at Albany Technical College. He hoped to take his big test next week in one of these same classrooms at the school.

"I feel more comfortable doing it here because I been here for a while," says Hudley.

But Hudley won't have that option since Albany Tech reported to the state Adult Literacy Board that two test takers at Turner Job Corps cheated on the test.

Students enter classrooms to take the GED that can mean so much to their futures. Now state and federal education officials will look into who the cheating happen at this school and how to stop it from ever happening again. "We take our responsibility very seriously," says Albany Technical President Dr. Anthony Parker.

Albany Tech offers the GED at six sites, including Turner Job Corps, where the cheating happened.

"We can honestly say we didn't check closely enough, and we should have done a better job with that but we will take all the precaution to make sure we take in the future. "

Now the College and State and Federal agencies will probe further into how the over site was made, suspending all testing under the school's supervision. An act of cheating that will affect so many others.

About 1,500 people take the GED at Albany Tech testing sites a year. The college says it will help those planning to take the test find sites to test in South Georgia. The College hopes it will be able to resume it own testing by April 1st.

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