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Silent Auction to be held tonight!

March 18, 2004

Thomasville - High School can be tough, especially if you feel like you don't fit in. But one South Georgia school gives kids an alternative to class work, and now they are asking for your help to keep them running.

Victoria Busby says she knows exactly where she would be if she weren't at Bishop Hall school, she'd be nowhere. She says, "I wouldn't be in school anymore and I wouldn't have a future at all."

Just a few years ago, school was not a priority for Victoria. "I was going through a time in my life when I just didn't care about school and It wasn't the main thing on my list and I let it go."

Three years ago, Victoria came to Bishop Hall, caught up on her class work and is just two months away from her high school graduation. She says, "I love school now."

But that love of school took support from her teachers, family and community members. Thursday, the school is asking for more people to support students through a silent auction. The money earned will go towards textbooks, clothing, eye exams and other student needs.

Co-Chair of the auction, Donna Davis, says, "Most of the kids that graduated through here would not have graduated had it not been for Bishop Hall. Our community is very lucky to have a school here that does offer this to other children, to see to it that truly no child is left behind."

Kelley Warren is another Bishop Hall success story. She too will graduate in May and knows that might not have happened without the support of others.

Kelley says, "Some of these kids barely have anything. And when they came here they're gaining, and I think with the help of other people it would make a big difference."

Like it made in the lives of Kelley and Victoria. The silent auction is being held at 6 PM in the ballroom of the Business exchange in Thomasville.

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