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Students glad HOPE changes delayed

March 17, 2004

Albany- James Moree and Charlie Stoudenmire both run track for Deerfield-Windsor.

Off the track, they're running academic races with the HOPE Scholarship as the finish line.

"I can get into college and everything, but it will help take away from what we have to spend," said Moree, who is a junior.

"Just study hard and always make sure my grades are number one priority," said Stoudenmire, who is also junior.

Most high school students who are eligible for the HOPE have gotten lucky. A bill passed by the state house this week makes no cuts to the scholarship until 2007.

"I'm just glad it didn't happen to us. And I feel sorry for whoever it happens to," Stoudenmire said.

The students it will affect are this year's high school freshmen. Beginning in 2007, students must have a 3.0 grade point average instead of an 80 numerical average. That change would eliminate thousands of students who currently qualify for the scholarship.

"They just have to work harder and make up for it I guess," Moree said. "They don't have a choice really."

Though there are hurdles to cross in the path to the scholarship, James and Charlie are both eligible for the HOPE and plan to stay that way. It's a race they want to win.

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