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School blood drive striving to be # 1

March 17, 2004

Moultrie - Hundreds of high school students take time from class to give blood. The students also want to be the largest blood drive in the state.

Colquitt County High School students came in second last year against other high schools. They were lacking only 26 pints of blood to be number one in the state.

On Wednesday, there was a good turnout and most of the young donors have never given blood before.

Brittany Jackson is not scared of needles, but she says, "I'm scared now." The 18-year-old is a little worried about giving blood. She looks at her friends, "It makes me feel better knowing my friends are around watching me."

The familiar faces are fellow Colquitt County High School classmates. Hundreds lending, but this day is not just about giving blood, it's a competition. Twelfth Grader, Danielle Roberts, says, "They are all coming and giving blood and hopefully we'll win."

Roberts is a member of Skills USA VICA. They are striving to be the largest high school blood drive in Georgia. Roberts adds, "We are trying to beat Statesboro because we want to be number one."

Statesboro won last year with only 26 more pints. This year, Colquitt County students used an incentive. Roberts smiles, "Cause all the students love to get t-shirts."

It seems to be working. Jackson finally made it and she has not only given the gift of life, she got the t-shirt to prove it. You never know, her pint of blood may push this school to the number one spot

Colquitt County High School students got 300 good pints of blood during their drive.

Lowndes County Vikings won third last year. They beat Colquitt County High School by only one pint.

By the way, Colquitt County in general was number one in the state for community blood drives too.

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