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South Georgia business owners get a look at new technology

March 17, 2004

Albany- The latest in supplies, equipment, and services was shown to business leaders from all over the south at the Albany Civic Civic center today.

The largest exhibition of industrial manufacturers, distributors and major service providers to South Georgia showed off their latest tools and services at today's Industry and Equipment show.

Brandon Jones, vice president of Jones Welding and Industrial Supplies explains "We are a welding and industrial supplier. We also sell steel. That's basically compressed gases, Oxygen, any of your mixed gases for any type of welding application." Buddy Creel, account manager of Berring and Drives says "It gives us exposure to other customers who don't know about Berring and Drives and just shows what we can do."

More than one-hundred exhibits were on display. A pump technology on wheels displayed at the event can be rolled straight to a company site to educate businesses about different pumps. The pumps actually work on a trailer, so potential buyers know exactly what to expect.

Representatives showed off a variety of new technological developments. "We sell to places like Proctor and Gamble, Bob's Candies, any place that has conveyor systems where you want to get one box moved over to another position," explains Creel.

Participants have their own reasons for getting involved in the Industrial show, but for most, it's to let everyone know there are improvements out there to make things easier for companies.

Today's event was sponsored by the Southwest Georgia Purchasing Management Association. The Industry and equipment show has happened every two years since 1980.

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