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Corn planting time in South Georgia

March 17, 2004

Lee County -- Southwest Georgia farmers are busy this week, planting corn. And it could be a record amount being planted this season.

Lee County farmer Rodney Harrell fills up his planter. It's time to plant corn in South Georgia, and there is a lot of seed going in the ground. The price is up, and farmers want to take advantage. Harrell said "Oh yea, the price is fifty to seventy five cents per bushel higher than it was last year. So we going to take a little acreage away from the peanuts and go with the corn because of it's price."

Harrell is planting nearly 800 acres of corn this year. Harrell said "Not only yield, the price for corn is better than it's been in six or seven years. The cotton market is still around 62 or 64 cents. It's just a better deal with the corn, I think."

A lot of Southwest Georgia farmers are going to take advantage of the high corn price, and rotate some of their fields off peanuts or cotton, and plant more corn. A lot of his friends have been calling Harrell for advice. "They want to know the varieties and what maturity days to plant and all."

Rodney Harrell is optimistic for a good corn crop as he plants. The hopes of making fifty to seventy five cents more a bushel has him, and a lot of South Georgia farmers, planting more corn this spring.

Harrell won the National Corn Growers state high yield award in Georgia last year, producing 222-point-4 bushels per acre.

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