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Educators ask officials for answers

March 16, 2004

Albany- Teachers are going on with their lessons while schools are working to meet the requirements of federal and state education reform.

They're often left with questions.

"Picking up and going to Washington is an impossibility," said state school board member Peggy Nielson. "In fact, picking up and going to Atlanta is an impossibility."

Senator Saxby Chambliss is giving educators a chance to get answers from federal and state education officials. He's holding forums around the state.

"Then we go back to Washington or back to Atlanta and find out the best way to achieve solutions to those problems," Chambliss said.

Education officials say most schools are struggling with the same problems throughout the state and country. But they also say the educators they've met are working hard to meet requirements.

"I believe that the Southwest Georgia education family has really embraced the meaning behind No Child Left Behind and that is why Southwest Georgia leads the state in school improvement," Nielson said.

And as reform continues to unroll into the classroom, hopefully it will mean better education for all students.

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