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DOC employees go back to college

March 16, 2004

Thomasville - Richard Jones has worked with the Department of Corrections for almost 13 years. With the experience he's gained, he's been able to move up in the department, but without a bachelors degree, he's now at a standstill.

Jones says, "With the Department of Corrections, there's been a big push for us to get back in school and get our education, and many of our jobs require a minimum of a bachelor's degree."

So Jones enrolled in the Criminal Justice program at Thomas University, going to school and working full time. A big motivation? His daughter.

He says, "I have a 14 year old daughter and in a way I'm almost glad I waited, cause now she can see daddy in college and it sets an example and she can see daddy graduating with his bachelors degree."

Greg Brown is also back in school full-time. Why is it important for him to get a college education? Well, he too wants to be a role model.

Brown says, "I wanted to be a positive role model for my children as well as a positive role model for my that I supervise at the detention center. That's always been a goal of mine to go to college and finish. I started a couple of different places, and I feel comfortable with this place and this is where I ended up."

And although they may not be traditional students, they are putting their education to work everyday. "You're actually living it, you're going to go tomorrow and you'll be a part of what they're talking about today," says Jones. "It really makes a difference."

A difference in their lives, and possibly many others. More than 10 Department of Corrections employees are now enrolled in the criminal justice program at Thomas University.

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