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April First is rabies shot deadline

March 16, 2004

Albany -- April First all Dougherty County dogs must have updated rabies shots. This is a busy time for veterinarians, but an important one for your pet.

Puppy the 12 year old black lab gets his shots.Dr. Ira Roth, like most vets in Albany, is busy giving shots. Dougherty County law says all dogs must have their rabies shots by April First. Georgia law requires all dogs and cats to get yearly rabies shots. Dr. Roth said "It's a scary disease. It's something that you don't want to have to worry about. It's something you can't impress on folks enough, it's important."

Dr. Roth in 18 years of practice has only treated one true rabies case, a cat. It's rare for pets to become rabid, a testament for the vaccine law.

And if your pet happens to bite someone and is not current with their rabies shot, the price is high. Dr. Roth said "As the owner of the pet you have to go through a number of hoops. Which includes a fine, confinement of that animal at a holding facility for a certain amount of time. And just the hassle associated with it is real."

Puppy and Buddy now have their rabies shots, and their new tags. Two happy dogs ready for another carefree year.

 If your dog does not have his rabies shot before April First, the fine in Albany is 78 dollars. Your dog has to wear his current rabies shot on a collar.

Your cat is required to have it's shots, but does not have to wear the tag.

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