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Wearing the Warrington fights cancer

March 12, 2004

Albany- Jewelry is at its best when it's unique and stands for something special.

There is one necklace that means a lot to Stacey Warrington. It was designed in her honor. It stands for the fight she's planning to win against breast cancer.

"Somebody told me the other day that had been through this that cancer saved their life," Warrington said. "Now I know what they mean by that. It really does. I helps put your life in complete focus."

Stacey's friends and the owners of String Beads in Albany, are focusing on this necklace to raise awareness about breast cancer. After watching her be diagnosed, go through a mastectomy and begin her cancer treatment at the young age of 34, they knew they had to do something.

"We felt like the best way we could help was to share her story in order to help other people become more aware of early detection of breast cancer," said Kim Hobson, one of the store's owners.

Each pink shell pearl and crystal are strung by hands who care about Stacey and about the health of women everywhere.

"Even though you're only in your early thirties or your late twenties, you still need to check yourself because it can happen to somebody in the prime of her life, which is what happened to Stacey," Hobson said.

The Warrington, as it has been rightfully named, will be used to remind women of self-breast exams and mammograms. For every one that is sold, $60 will be donated to Phoebe's Carlton Breast Health Center, where Stacey is being treated. The necklace cost $120.

"Just to get up and put my feet on the floor in the morning is so wonderful," she said. "That's the first thing I do every morning is thank the Lord that I'm alive and I've got another day."

Another day for Stacey to help with this unique way to take a stand against a disease and hopefully save lives.

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