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Kids Against Hunger

March 12, 2004

Cairo - "I've always kind of wanted to do something like this, and I never figured I'd actually have to chance to," says Volunteer Tory Smith.  "Here it is, and I'm ready to take it away."

Today the Cairo branch of Kids Against Hunger opened its doors. Their goal? To feed starving children in South Africa.

Melvin Horne, is the sponsor for the Cairo branch.  He says, "Truly, I think this will be a genuine blessing for people who participate in it. It's the kind of thing that we think will just enrich you for being here and paricipating in it."

The founder of Kids Against Hunger International, Richard Proudfit came from Minnesota to get things underway.

"The Lord said, why don't you duplicate what you're doing?" says Proudfit.  "So, the satellite came into existense, so we're seting up satellites now, duplicating, last year we fed 7 million children."

Kids Against Hunger is trying to feed 20 million children in 2005. In just three hours, the group bagged enough food to feed 1700 children.  A great start, for a great cause.

Kids against hunger is currently seeking buildings in Cairo and Thomasville to house the project. If you are interested in donating your building, or want to find out more about the program, contact Melvin or Anne Horne at (229) 377-0633.

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