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Controlled Burners meet Safety Standards

March 12, 2004

Albany-Raymond Chance is burning much of the land on Cain Mill Plantation off Thompson Road today.  "We burn probably sixty percent of the place and leave forty percent for nesting," explains Chance.

The Cain Mill Plantation is habitat to mainly quail, deer and turkey. Chance, Manager of the Cain Mill Plantation, says "We're trying to get ideal quail habitat, which is sage briars, try to eliminate a lot of your hard wood."  

Chance is very careful when it comes time for controlled burning. "I keep tractors with us, fire extinguishers, and we try to abide by what the forestry unit will let us do," claims Chance.

If you are planning on doing any outside burning it is essential that the burner create fire breaks. That way, fire from one side of the break would not be fueled to cross over to the other side.

While it is necessary for farms and plantations to burn, safety measures have to be met. Dianne Pietras, Chief Forrestry Ranger in Dougherty County says "We need to make sure that smoke is going to go up and get out of the area so it doesn't impact our roadways."

If drivers are caught in a smoky haze, their vision becomes impaired, then accidents are more likley to occur. That's why it is a requirement to acquire a burn permit from the Forestry Commision.  "If weather conditions are proper, you'll have no problem getting a permit, " explains Chance.

Keep in mind, the next time you burn, your neighbors, their property and travelers on the roadways,. You shouldn't have a problem burning off your property.

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